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Retail Software POS Professional 3.07

A full-featured tool for retail stores with payroll and inventory modules
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Retail Software POS Professional is a comprehensive yet affordable program designed to provide managers and owners of retail stores with an effective support at all levels. It allows you to manage sales, items, customers, refunds, employees, and more. It includes a large number of very detailed administrative reports, too.

The program's user interface is very clear and easy to use. It offers a menu bar on the top side which provides access to all the functions and modules of the program. Beneath it, there is a toolbar with big and self-explanatory buttons that provide you with quick access to the most used functions. For example, it allows you to record new sales, look for items and customers, open the "Day Totals" report, and open the proprietary calculator and calendar, among others. As if that was not enough, the program also includes the "Program Map", which is another way of accessing all the assets of the program quickly and easily.

The most representative module of the program is probably the sales module. As soon as you click on the "Sale" button on the toolbar, you can start creating a new invoice in a separate window. You can type the code of each item, or get it automatically using the barcode reader. However, you can also look for an item by its name in case you have some problem with the barcode. You can even add new items in this same window as well. In a similar way, you can look for the data of the customer for whom the invoice will be generated.

But it is also very important to talk about the administrative reports. They happen to be very useful for owners and managers of retail stores. Among the most important ones, you can obtain sales lists by hour, category, item, workstation, or cashier. You can get weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales analysis. And you can check also your employees' schedules and time cards, their payroll history, and their wage advances, as well as your customer lists, their purchase histories, and the frequent shopper accounts list, to mention but a few.

In short, the program includes so many functions, reports, and features that it is impossible to talk about all of them. Of course, the program supports network interaction, so that it can be used simultaneously by all the clerks in a particular store. Taking into account all these assets, the program's price is worth every dollar, if you happen to own or administer a retail store or chain.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Clear and easy-to-use interface
  • A very helpful tool for all types of owners and managers
  • Provides you with a very comprehensive set of administrative reports
  • Supports network interaction
  • Very reasonable price


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